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Thaikkudam Bridge - Supporting Pragati Andha Vidyalaya

Thaikkudam Bridge Mumbai Calling …For many it’s an event that Kalyan had never witnessed till date. The suburbs of Mumbai are yet to wake up to an event of thismagnitude and scale. But for us, the team, it’s a journey that started almost a year back. The only asset back then, was a facebook page named – Thaikkudam Bridge - Mumbai Calling. What started out as enjoying Thaikkudam Bridge’s songs slowly grew into adulation and admiration, towards this one-of-its-kind musical band in our country. Eventually, this adulation towards TKB, turned into a dream of bringing the band down home- to the suburbs of Mumbai and yes, it required a lot of courage. Examples of failures were laid down in front of us. People suggested that such events should be hosted only in Mumbai and not here; the same place where they reside. Really??? Perhaps, it’s natural to aspire for the greener shores than your homeland.

November 7th saw Thaikkudam rocking the audience as usual. The sound, lights & the stage set up was beyond the comprehension of the audience. We had a mixed audience belonging to different languages but the evening saw people immersed in soulful music, dancing and singing to the livewire performance of this band. Language was not a barrier…a state of trance and pure bliss indeed !! Those who came couldn’t resist from expressing their joy and those who missed out sent messages conveying that they missed a great show. Well…all we would like to say is - “Thaikkudam rocked and wooed the audience. They splashed the colours of NAVARASAM and emotions kept flowing. People were left longing for more but then that’s the way the BRIDGE is….You can never cross it forever without desiring to go back and BE THE BRIDGE yourself.”

In the words of J.R.R. Tolkien (Lord of the Rings fame) - “All have their worth and each contributes to the worth of the others.” We hope our cause “Pragati Andh Vidyalay” gets more contributing hands. The talented kids from the school definitely deserve more opportunities than needless sympathy.

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