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Metro N Music - Reloaded - Raghu Dixit Live in Concert

A dream come true for team Auxygen
We at team Auxygen strongly believe in the power of dreams. And, how could anyone not work for a dream that involved working with the legendary musician and his team. Yes......It is about the Raghu Dixit Project!
A year back we had only seen videos and heard music of The Project. Its only a few months ago at a gig, when we witnessed his energetic and soulful performance LIVE, we were sure it was time.....Time for Mumbai’s suburbs to witness this magic.
Lot has been written and spoken about Raghu Dixit – his mesmerizing performances, passionate singing, bubbly voice and more. But we have something else to share – We are far too naive and young to rate him as a performer or to scale his performances. What touched us as fans more than being organizers, was his immensely powerful personality....Very humble, Very human & Absolutely charming.
That makes you wonder if it’s humanly possible to do 4-5 back-to-back shows in different corners of the country & still throw the same energy as gracious and loving towards every fan who followed him, without the least discomfort.... and what more, the Man himself clicking selfie for all his fans and enquiring about them...
A lot to learn for all of us...

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