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Metro N Music - MNM - Celebrating Music - Supporting Local Musicians

MnM - Metro N Music Highlights - 30th April & 1st May 2016

It’s probably for the first time that a music festival of this kind was thoroughly enjoyed by the crowd in the suburbs. The 2-day music festival saw the best talents performing in different genres ; be it Indie-fusion, Bollywood Retro or Folk Sufi music, the crowd savored everything.
The goal was to launch a Music festival exclusively for the suburbs, wherein people could get exposure to all forms of music apart from popular Bollywood music. More than anything, MnM was an experiment fraught with lots of risks. The concept faced a lot of Ifs- What if people don’t come? What if they don’t like non-Bollywood music? What if they don’t enjoy the concept? and so on...But to our delight the crowd not only turned up in large numbers but cheered for good music like never before. They yearned for more and didn’t want the Music to stop...and that was the #MnMmoment. The suburbs' music festival had arrived in pomp....and, is here to stay!!

Auxygen is thankful to all the individuals who worked really hard to make #MnM a smash hit. We thank Metro Junction Mall for their whole-hearted support in this great initiative. Our love and gratitude to all the Music bands and individuals, who performed purely out of their love for Music. They were gracious enough to accept our invitation and make this fest a grand success.

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