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Euphony 2017 - To support Lunar Foundation (Ambernath)


It all started with creating an event to support a beautiful cause of underprivileged kid's education led by the Lunar Foundation. All the hardwork, persistence, team work & the support of a whole bunch of friends delivered a rocking musical concert- Euphony on 28th May, 2017 at Fatima High School, Ambernath.


Team Lunar's initiative along with the support of the popular and very much apna -local band that's gone desi and beyond - The Euphony Official; Auxygen could put together this musical concert, that was first of its kind in Ambernath.


Euphony saw an amazing opening act by the talented musical band One by Two, who warmed up the audience with their original compositions. The act was followed by Zany Dr. Sumedh Shinde, who took the audience on a laughter ride with his hilarious mimicry performance. And, finally, the evening saw one of the finest performances by the Star Plus- Dil Hain Hindustani fame musical  band - Euphony Official....the stars of the evening. They made the crowd go crazy with their funky compositions in their highly personalized style!


Euphony, has set the ball rolling for more such events in Ambernath - indeed an #euphony moment. We pray and wish Lunar foundation continues with it's exemplary work & solicit all your support in their noble endeavour. And lastly, a grand salute to the audience & supporters from Ambernath who made this event happen.

Xperientia - A Musical Xperience @ Xperia - October 1st 2016 Onwards & Still ON

AuxYGen's ongoing event at Xperia mall, Palava city saw some of the most talented musicians in and around Kalyan & Dombivili entertaining the crowd every weekend.

By now the event had gained maximum popularity & lot of musicians are getting opportunity to perform live.

Metro N Music - Reloaded - Raghu Dixit Live in Concert

A dream come true for team Auxygen
We at team Auxygen strongly believe in the power of dreams. And, how could anyone not work for a dream that involved working with the legendary musician and his team. Yes......It is about the Raghu Dixit Project!
A year back we had only seen videos and heard music of The Project. Its only a few months ago at a gig, when we witnessed his energetic and soulful performance LIVE, we were sure it was time.....Time for Mumbai’s suburbs to witness this magic.
Lot has been written and spoken about Raghu Dixit – his mesmerizing performances, passionate singing, bubbly voice and more. But we have something else to share – We are far too naive and young to rate him as a performer or to scale his performances. What touched us as fans more than being organizers, was his immensely powerful personality....Very humble, Very human & Absolutely charming.
That makes you wonder if it’s humanly possible to do 4-5 back-to-back shows in different corners of the country & still throw the same energy as gracious and loving towards every fan who followed him, without the least discomfort.... and what more, the Man himself clicking selfie for all his fans and enquiring about them...
A lot to learn for all of us...

Metro N Music - MNM - Celebrating Music - Supporting Local Musicians

MnM - Metro N Music Highlights - 30th April & 1st May 2016

It’s probably for the first time that a music festival of this kind was thoroughly enjoyed by the crowd in the suburbs. The 2-day music festival saw the best talents performing in different genres ; be it Indie-fusion, Bollywood Retro or Folk Sufi music, the crowd savored everything.
The goal was to launch a Music festival exclusively for the suburbs, wherein people could get exposure to all forms of music apart from popular Bollywood music. More than anything, MnM was an experiment fraught with lots of risks. The concept faced a lot of Ifs- What if people don’t come? What if they don’t like non-Bollywood music? What if they don’t enjoy the concept? and so on...But to our delight the crowd not only turned up in large numbers but cheered for good music like never before. They yearned for more and didn’t want the Music to stop...and that was the #MnMmoment. The suburbs' music festival had arrived in pomp....and, is here to stay!!

Auxygen is thankful to all the individuals who worked really hard to make #MnM a smash hit. We thank Metro Junction Mall for their whole-hearted support in this great initiative. Our love and gratitude to all the Music bands and individuals, who performed purely out of their love for Music. They were gracious enough to accept our invitation and make this fest a grand success.

Thaikkudam Bridge - Supporting Pragati Andha Vidyalaya

Thaikkudam Bridge Mumbai Calling …For many it’s an event that Kalyan had never witnessed till date. The suburbs of Mumbai are yet to wake up to an event of thismagnitude and scale. But for us, the team, it’s a journey that started almost a year back. The only asset back then, was a facebook page named – Thaikkudam Bridge - Mumbai Calling. What started out as enjoying Thaikkudam Bridge’s songs slowly grew into adulation and admiration, towards this one-of-its-kind musical band in our country. Eventually, this adulation towards TKB, turned into a dream of bringing the band down home- to the suburbs of Mumbai and yes, it required a lot of courage. Examples of failures were laid down in front of us. People suggested that such events should be hosted only in Mumbai and not here; the same place where they reside. Really??? Perhaps, it’s natural to aspire for the greener shores than your homeland.

November 7th saw Thaikkudam rocking the audience as usual. The sound, lights & the stage set up was beyond the comprehension of the audience. We had a mixed audience belonging to different languages but the evening saw people immersed in soulful music, dancing and singing to the livewire performance of this band. Language was not a barrier…a state of trance and pure bliss indeed !! Those who came couldn’t resist from expressing their joy and those who missed out sent messages conveying that they missed a great show. Well…all we would like to say is - “Thaikkudam rocked and wooed the audience. They splashed the colours of NAVARASAM and emotions kept flowing. People were left longing for more but then that’s the way the BRIDGE is….You can never cross it forever without desiring to go back and BE THE BRIDGE yourself.”

In the words of J.R.R. Tolkien (Lord of the Rings fame) - “All have their worth and each contributes to the worth of the others.” We hope our cause “Pragati Andh Vidyalay” gets more contributing hands. The talented kids from the school definitely deserve more opportunities than needless sympathy.

Nisargotsav -Celebrating Nature

Nisargotsav, a three day photography exhibition at Bal-bhavan, Dombivili (E) (29th - 31st May 2015) to support Indian Ecologic Foundation. AuxYGen was closely working along with the organizing team Dombivili Nature Lovers in ensuring that the cause is well explained to the visitors.

Event Inaugurated by Sh. Deepak Patil - DMC, KDMC and Sh. Kedar Bhat - Ace Photographer, after event opening speech both of them had a look at the exhibits and were very happy, they spent a good amount of time discussing about our concept and various points related to it. They encouraged us to continue the good work.

We had lot of enquiries ranging from people wanting to join the group to school teachers who wanted their students to learn more about birds and nature. There were people sharing experiences and inviting us to visit their place for photography sessions. We had people from Matunga and as far as from Vasai visiting the exhibition.



We express our gratitude towards all our audience, Chief guests MLA Shri Narendra Pawar, Shri Praful Gavali, Shri Gopal Bhide, Shri Harakhchand Savla, Shri Vijay Jadhav and Shri S K Agarwal who were present at the venue on March 1st, 2015 to support two major causes Samatol Foundation and Jeevan Jyot Cancer Relief & Care Trust. Through our event Sur-Arambh we were able to generate funds, clothes, medicines & toys for the NGO's.

We thank Musical Extravaganza Aabhaas for presenting the most soulful music Kalyan has ever witnessed, Swapnil Bhoir & Aakanksha Kamble for an excellent theatrical act, Janhavi Tambat for a vibrant and immersive dance performance. Vishal Gore for awesome sound & light arrangements, Prince John for Sound Engineering & Sunil Nair for capturing the best moments. Last but not the least, we also thank Royals 4 Social a team of self-less youngsters, who contributed to the success of this event to a great extent.

The response was so encouraging that we will continue to present such entertaining events, introducing you to lesser known NGO's who work at grass root level for social upliftment...So stay tuned for more...!!